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Negative oxygen ions producer

The first negative oxygen ions producer manufacturer in the world-CAIFEDE!

   Bring the walking forest to you!

Negative Oxygen ion producer-The first in the world!

As we all know,negative ion is necessary for our living.Generally speaking,the human body needs about 13 billion negative ions per day,but in our living rooms,offices and other environments,can only provide about 50,000-200,000 negative oxygen ions per day.This huge contrast between supply and demand is usually the most likely cause of respiratory inflammation,such as pneumonia,respiratory diseases of bronchitis.

Negative oxygen ion can improve myocardial function, enhance myocardial nutrition and cell metabolism, reduce fatigue, make people energetic, improve immunity, and promote healthy longevity.It can also activate β-endorphins, stabilize autonomic nerves, control sympathetic nerves, prevent neurasthenia, improve sleep effects and improve immunity.Negative ions help to improve and prevent respiratory diseases, improve sleep, antioxidant, anti-aging, scavenge free radicals, and reduce blood viscosity.In medical circles,it is called "vitamin", "air vitamin", "longevity factor" and "air vitamin".

Under this condition,CAIFEDE explores the negative oxygen ion area,combines this AIR VITAMIN to beautiful decorative things,and makes it possible that more people can afford these healthy products in daily life.Based on the professional testing,for only 1 cm³ product,will release 22500 negative ions,and the period of validity will last at least more than 1 year!

As the first! only! negative oxygen ion producer supplier in the world,we have the exclusive patent!If you have any interest or want to know more about it,contact us directly!

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