Top 9 scented candle manufacturers in the world

 Top 9 scented candle manufacturers in the world
Many friends will light candles at night. There are many reasons, such as the smell of a candle, brightness, temperature or a slight sound when lighting a candle.

Many friends will light candles at night. There are many reasons, such as the smell of a candle, brightness, temperature or a slight sound when lighting a candle. Today, Xiaobian introduced the world to the world. The famous eight scented candle brands, perhaps you have heard or never seen, these brands have a very good texture, placed at home is also a very good atmosphere producer, there is not much nonsense, followed by Xiaobian Let us have a look.

High Rigaud

In 1852, JeanBaptiste Rigaud established a perfume franchise store in Paris, which is the starting point for the Rigaud brand story. As one of the world's first perfume manufacturers, Rigaud scented candles insist on using the finest raw materials and handcrafted in France. The most classic is the Cypres cypress, and Audrey Hepburn and Mrs. Kennedy are faithful pumps for wooden green candles.


The perfumer from the perfume capital of Grasse regained the historical atmosphere of France, and every scented candle was recalled by the French mysterious castle. This artistic bas-relief polished ceramic cup is hand-crafted by artisans in the French “Ceramic Capital” in Limoges. Each LaManufactureDesChateaux scented candle reflects the French craftsmanship and pursuit of beauty.


In 1994, the boutique scented candle shop in Los Angeles is now Hollywood's most popular scented candle brand. IllumeCandle scented candles are made from natural, environmentally friendly ingredients and offer a colorful aroma selection for home décor.


Diptyque is a French perfume brand created by three people in 1961. Headquartered on the left bank of Paris, 34 St. Germain Street. The brand has about forty or fifty aromatic candles. The Figuier/FigTree fig tree is one of Diptyque's best-selling products.

WoodWick Woodwick

Never seen a scented candle that sounds like a fireplace when burning; whenever you ignite a WoodWick scented candle, the scent instantly fills the room, like a sizzling fireplace in a jar, which burns the firewood. The sound of sound brings a wonderful listening experience beyond the sense of smell. In addition to the aroma effect, the natural wood burning sound has the effect of SoundTherapy.

WoodWickFireside, WoodWick's signature fragrance perfectly balances the natural aroma of amber, vetiver and musk, allowing it to spend a comfortable night under a warm flame.

JoMalone Zu Malong

If it is good enough for King Kate, it is enough for us. The Duchess of Cambridge chose JoMalone's OrangeBlossom orange blossom at the Royal Wedding at Westminster Abbey.


TrappCandle was founded in 1990 by the flower master BobTrapp of Kansas City. Trapp believes that to create an unforgettable fragrance, you must be loyal to nature. The ingredients only adhere to the world's finest spices.


Founded by American legendary model DayNaDecker, the package is luxurious, the candle tastes modern and sweet, has a long-lasting feminine aroma, and can even penetrate the wardrobe, quilt, pajamas and hair in the morning. After getting up, walking freely can bring fascinating activities. Hilton described this: Your room bed can have such a candle, it will satisfy the girl's vanity, this vanity will be very advanced. If you have such a very high-profile girlfriend, please accept it. To be honest, send this candle to her. Maybe she can get her approval, not any perfume.

Today, scented candles are one of the most important elements of interior design. Designers will decorate them in the correct position in the room to enhance the sensory level of the design. Xiao Bian believes that scented candles not only create a good atmosphere, but also give people an artistic conception. When you light the scented candle, you will feel the taste you like and the soul will relax. Xiaobian has launched eight brands of scented candles here, I hope everyone can choose the products they like.

CAIFEDE candles

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