About Us

CAIFEDE was founded in the picturesque seaside city of China,Qingdao,known as the world-famous Tsingdao Beer and also the attractive coastal scenery.When facing to the vast and complex home fragrance products market,our vision is safety,simple and high quality.We are aim to provide our customers with the best and most special home fragrance products,to create a soft,warm and relaxing world for you...




Our products range from candles,to candle holders,to reed diffuser,room sprays and some other home fragrance and decoration products.

What most important materials to a scented candles are wax and fragrances.Soy wax is the main kind of wax we use.Also,there are many colored tealight candles with different burning times.We cooperate with many top fragrance houses,like Mane,Symrise,IFF...Scents can be customized as you wish.High quality candle holders have so many sizes,suitable for your various candle sizes.Color sprayed,inner/outer shinning ones,creative decals...We are honored to work out all amazing appearances you want on your candle holders. Our reed diffuser and room sprays,once you choose,you will not got back to other ordinary home fragrance products.See our product ranges and customize your own special fragrance world!




We insist that pure and high quality fragrances can bring true natural feeling to our customers.We choose to cooperate with many top fragrance houses,which provides us with strong  support for fragrances.Any scents you want,whether it’s fresh,floral,gourmand or fruity,all deserve our efforts,your needs are also the power to keep us going forward.Our 100% natural soy wax,natural cotton wicks,combined with top fragrances...We never forget where we start:we don’t produce,we are only the carrier of the nature.




How could a company grow continuously?Only the strong financial support and a hard-working company founder?The answer is absolute “No”.We believe only good team can surpport a powerful company.Our design team is always our inspiration centre,who is eager to go around the world to learn and grasp the latest trends,then put these fashion ideas into our products for all our customers with creation and harsh details.High quality products can not be assured without professional workers and strict quality inspections.We have our own test lab,and also stick to the quality inspection system.Pick us,pick our products!



Guided by creation,discovery,and high quality spirit,although there is always lower price in the market,but product itself should be the significance of purchase and usage.We will continue to manufacturing and providing the best home fragrance and decoration products to all our customers!


Need to customize your brand, bulk fragrance products, please contact us here.