8 most popular soy scented candles in 2020

8 most popular soy scented candles in 2020
According to statistics, we find that the following 8 products will have a particularly popular trend in 2020. These are the basic soybean scented candles that can be adjusted based on these. As a professional scented candle manufacturing factory, we can customize label candles, candle packaging and custom essential oil scent.

Soy candles

CAIFEDE soy wax candles,are made of 100% natural soy wax and cotton wicks.When burning,there have no black soot,and the burning time is usually longer than the paraffin wax candles.Most important,they are very environmental without releasing any harmful gas.Our candles scents are many and varied,all scents have its own personalized labels and colors.If you want a regular size,we have 7*8cm,8*9cm,9*10cm...if you want bigger sizes,there are10*9cm,8*12cm...Burning time based on candle weight and wick quantity. If you want to customize, contact us!

1,Wholesale Australia custom scented natural soy wax candles manufacturers with private label

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What about a surprising and romantic scented candle gift?Minimalist and classical design,luxury packaging box,and creative design.these are what this scented candle brings to us.Also,the scent is so great.If you want some other scents,a rich scent collection is designed for your selections.

2,Free samples supply private label custom scented soy wax candles suppliers UK

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Simple thing can be the classical.This scented candle comes with clear glass,with special designed private label sticker,comes with very minimalist appearance,but very popular among our customers.They are perfect to use for home freshening and also the decoration.With the help of luxury packaging,they are also the ideal gift.

3,Hot sale UK 130g private label scented natural soy wax candles manufacturers

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You can use this scented candle in almost all parties,wedding,birthday,or anniversary,also it is the ideal gift you can choose.Elegant and beautiful for your decor,the scent is so great and amazing.

CAIFEDE,as the professional candle manufacturer,has so many year experience in home fragrance,especially in candles and reed diffuser.What’s more,we also provide OEM/ODM services,customization for our customers in CAIFEDE is creative and professional.You should never miss us.

4,Wholesale private label Italy scented natural soy wax candles manufacturers with custom packaging

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This is a beautiful scented candles,with white color spraying internal,and creative designed logo,provides a obvious elegance and high taste breeze.You can use it for almost special events,or as surprising gift,they also have great scents.

5,Custom private label scented natural soy wax candles manufacturer Canada hand poured own brand logo

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Each scent has it’s own designed container and packaging box,these beautiful single candle set combines into a unique candle collection.No matter which one you choose,the scent is amazing and always has perfect burning condition.

6,Own brand customized 7*8cm scented natural soy wax candle factory private label

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This popular scented candle,comes with elegant and attractive look,also packed in minimalist colorful packaging box,which can be customized with your own brand designs.Make it to be the special one!

7,Free samples supply customize scented soy wax candles own brand customize

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This attractive scented candle is filled with natural soy wax,and 100% cotton wicks,which is safe and healthy to use.The candle itself also has a very attractive look,can be used for almost all occasions.Romantic anniversary,birthday party,home party,spa and so on.

8,Candle manufacturer wholesale scented hand poured natural soy wax candles with private label

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For high taste and safety to our daily life use,CAIFEDE high quality soy wax candles are highly praised by our customers.Our soy wax candles are made of natural soy wax and top fragrances in very beautiful glass or ceramic mugs.Decorated with creative designs not only on candles,but also on the packaging box and labels,come in very enchanting look.

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