Best scented candles for home

Best scented candles for home
A good-smelling and high-quality fragrance is really crucial for the home. Whether the fragrance smells good or not, the main thing is to find the fragrance type that suits you. Although aromatherapy does not distinguish between groups, each has its own preference for the choice of fragrance.


After a day's work, you always want to relax when you return home. At this time, lighting a scented candle with your favorite flavor can dispel fatigue and relax your body and mind. The aroma released by scented candles allows you to release your emotions comfortably and heal your body and mind. Create an atmosphere. To choose a good-smelling home scented candle, we must first understand the fragrance of the scented candle.

Fragrance type:

Floral fragrance: it is the original point of making perfume. The fragrance can be divided into - jasmine fragrance, gardenia fragrance, rose fragrance, etc.

Oriental tone: exotic fragrance, this aroma is characterized by warmth, spicy, sexy, strong penetrating power and rich layers

Fruity notes: those dominated by citrus fruits can be called fruity notes, and those mixed with many tropical fruits are also called fruity notes

Woody fragrance: composed of some woody fragrances, the more classic ones are woody fragrances that usually contain

Cedar, Patchouli, Pine, Sandalwood and Vetiver

The following are recommendations for several well-recognized scented home scented candles

1. Diptyque, a French aromatherapy brand, is mainly famous for its perfume and candles. The more popular aroma is fig! The smell is a bit of a mixture of green grass and coconut milk, very ~ very good smell! Fragrance persistence is very good. That's what makes this candle one of the best home scented candles.

2. NEST, a local fragrance brand in the United States, was first known by many people because their orange blossom candles are really similar to the orange blossoms of Jo Malone's. It is recommended to try their grapefruit-flavored scented candles. In summer, the refreshing grapefruit in the air-conditioned room is not too good~ The price of NEST is also very close to the people. There are different specifications. The small one is only 57g. I am not sure if I like it. You can try it in a small size. That's what makes this candle one of the best home scented candles.

3. Nessgoods' fruity double-candle candle smells fresher. This one is strawberry-flavored and used 30 minutes before going to bed. The whole room is filled with the sweet and sour taste of strawberries. At night, there are endless strawberries in dreams. That's what makes this candle one of the best home scented candles.

4.Meng Zong bamboo's woody fragrance does not smell aggressive, and it has a quiet feeling of years after precipitation. The top note of this one is musk, and the back note is cypress. When lit, there will be a bamboo forest aroma, which makes people quiet and at ease. That's what makes this candle one of the best home scented candles.

5. Diptyque figs, the taste is very mellow, it smells like being in a temple, the heart will be very peaceful, and this one tastes very good. Mixed with a touch of milky aroma and sweet almond aroma, the aroma is very strong after being ordered. That's what makes this candle one of the best home scented candles.

6. Voluspa goji tarocco orange, although the color looks a little warmer, but in fact its taste is that kind of refreshing. The flavors of wolfberry and tarocco blood orange are the most popular ones in their family. This aroma is biased toward fruity aromas. The top note is wolfberry berries, the middle note is mango, and the base note is the sweet and sour taste of blood orange. After about five minutes, the fragrance spreads, and it smells supernatural, like being in a large orchard that is ripe and waiting to be picked. That's what makes this candle one of the best home scented candles.

Regardless of the scent of candles, scented candles for home use, you must first like the scent, and you must also pay attention to the ingredients of the fragrance, so as to ensure that the selected candles smell good and are safe and environmentally friendly. Good-quality scented candles will melt with the wax on the surface after being lit, forming a wax pool full of fragrance, from light to strong. The above is the recommendation of the best home scented candles, I hope it will be helpful to you。

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