Cheap scented candles in bulk

Cheap scented candles in bulk
Nowadays, scented candles have almost become daily necessities in every household, and are widely used in various places. In Europe and the United States, a scented candle is lit almost every day. The frequency of use and consumption of scented candles is so huge, it is also a lot of money for consumers. How can we buy cheap and good-smelling scented candles? Bulk scented candles are more popular because of their cheap price. Of course, for scented candle dealers, in order to get cheaper wholesale prices, they generally purchase in bulk.

Scented candles can not only fill the room with fragrance, but also a favorable embellishment to create a romantic and warm atmosphere. , through fragrance, relieve the tension and busyness of life. Widely used in many occasions in life, offices, residences and other ideal places, it is one of the popular incense methods in Europe and America.

Which occasions are suitable for buying scented candles in bulk?

1. If you are a company that deals in wedding supplies, you will definitely need scented candles for weddings. Nowadays, when more and more young people hold weddings, they will purchase them from wedding companies or candle merchants to set off the wedding. Atmosphere or as a gift for guests.

2. For beauty and physiotherapy places, scented candles have the effect of relaxing human nature, which helps customers eliminate fatigue and relax their bodies and minds.

3. Aromatherapy candles can help eliminate odors and add fragrance, some high-end shopping mall bathrooms, or public service places are very frequently used

4. Candles are indispensable for birthday parties, and birthday candles are also a large category of candles.

The daily usage rate of candles in these occasions is not low, and the individual demand for candles is relatively high. Therefore, it is suitable to buy scented candles in bulk, which are cheaper

Why Do People Prefer Bulk Scented Candles?

1. Most of the beautifully packaged scented candles are custom-made Logo, color, appearance, smell, etc. are very fixed. Customers who buy scented candles in bulk can choose a variety of scents, colors, etc. to mix. Customers can buy a loose candle or two to try and see if they like the smell

2. Bulk scented candles are generally packed in simple packaging, so the price will be relatively cheap

How can I buy cheap scented candles in bulk?

There are many market manufacturers of scented candles. China is the main exporter of candles in the world, and the annual candle export volume accounts for more than 70% of the world. Many famous foreign scented candle brand distributors also purchase in bulk from China.

As a merchant who has just started the candle business, how to buy cheap scented candles in bulk is not an easy task. Choosing a manufacturer with excellent quality and good reputation is the key factor.

Bulk candles are misunderstood as poor quality because of their lack of packaging or poor packaging. This is a narrow perception. In fact, all the candles we export have passed quality inspections and passed the safety standards of various countries. When consumers buy scented candles, they are most concerned about safety. The smell produced by burning inferior candles will irritate our respiratory tract. Staying in this harmful gas for a long time may even damage people's nerves. In addition, children The latter group of people who are sensitive to smells will also put the safety of scented candles as the first consideration in purchasing. Therefore, this is also the first factor that dealers should consider when choosing candle manufacturers.

We, Caifede, are a manufacturer engaged in the production and supply of candles for many years. Our scented candles are made of natural waxes such as soybean wax, beeswax, coconut wax and ice flower wax, which are very safe and reliable. The factory reserves a large number of bulk scented candles, the main purpose is to respond to urgent orders from customers, print the logo at any time, and deliver quickly. Help solve customers' worries.

The reason why bulk scented candles occupy most of the market is mainly because of their high cost performance, guaranteed quality and cheaper prices than candles with private logos, which are suitable for daily use. If you want to get a quotation for bulk candles, please feel free to contact our sales.

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