How to DIY scented candles?

How to DIY scented candles?
Today we are going to share something about how to DIY scented candles,.And I will cite three examples as below.Although they are similar to each other, there are many differences and need us to pay attention.

Today we are going to share something about how to DIY scented candles,see below for more details.

Note:You can add some dried flowers and hay by yourselves,lace ribbons around the candle after finished,and so on.

So are you ready to get to the point?

Containers (tearable plastics) PVC boxes are originally used for models, with a sealed bottom.Also,never forget the little iron bracket when you buy candle wick.

I only bought soybean wax, because for the first time I bought it, I found that it smelt good and milky with a good color, then I always bought back soybean wax, which is very environmentally and friendly.

Deal with the soybean wax block

It's easy to melt directly if wax block is broken into pieces. If you have ready-made candles at home, you can also cut them into pieces with a knife.

soy candle_.jpg

Boil the wax in water

Melting caution dosen't need vigorous fire, and it's important to control the temperature of wax.Temperature below 60 degrees is best. If the temperature is too high, it is very easy to cause the surface cracks.

soy candle manfuacturer.jpg

You can choose your favorite colors for candles,but must be careful,don't put too much for one time.

Take a piece of yellow dye,and put it into the melted wax,then stir gently to accelerate the fusion of dyes and waxes.

soybean wax 4.jpg

Buy your favorite scents with aromatherapy essential oil.

Drop essential oil into wax and stir gently with chopsticks.Knock the ice a little bit smaller and try to get as much as possible. For the first time,I just used  little to see the effect from outside.

Place the candle wick at the bottom of the PVC box,and then pour into some melted wax, make sure the wick is in the middle of the bottom; pour more wax into the bottom to check if there is a hole in the bottom, and then add ice cubes if there are no problems.

After pouring wax around the ice, then keep pouring melted wax immediately.As soon as the wax is poured in,it will solidify around the ice. It looked like a mango banjo.

When the all melted wax is completely solidified, the candle can be taken out ,then you can trim the redundant candle wick.

soybean wax 5.jpg

Below is the finished aroma ice candle.

soy candle.jpg

Have a try and you will find an amazing scented world with your own hand!

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