Scented candles Netherlands

Scented candles Netherlands
The demand for candles in the Netherlands is very high. Candles are used as home decorations, and the demand is even more amazing in Dutch festivals, especially around Christmas or religious events. As a fashion-leading scented candle that changes the home environment, it accounts for more than 60% of the Dutch market.


Searching for scented candles on Google, you will find that there are many Dutch merchants selling scented candles. In fact, it is not difficult to understand that scented candles are already a common item in life in Europe and the United States. The candles feature a fresh and pleasant scent. The appearance is rich and colorful, and the color is beautiful. The natural plant essential oil contained in it emits a pleasant fragrance when it is burned. It has the effects of beauty and health care, soothing nerves, purifying the air, and eliminating odors.

Factors that make scented candles popular in the Netherlands

1. The survey found that Dutch families buy candles every week, which is inseparable from their deep religious beliefs. Most people in the Netherlands pray at home or go to church once a week. There are hundreds of thousands of churches in the Netherlands.

2. In addition to religious factors, the Netherlands, as a developed country, has extremely high requirements for quality of life among consumers, so the scented candle market has been in short supply in recent years. Scented candles have become a common item in white-collar life. Most of them are used to observe and appreciate, change the home atmosphere, aromatherapy, create fragrance, etc.

Functions of scented candles

Scented candles feature a fresh and pleasant scent. Different from candles in the traditional sense, aromatherapy candles are a kind of craft candles, with rich and colorful appearance and beautiful colors. The natural plant essential oils contained in them emit a pleasant fragrance when burned, which has the functions of beauty care, soothing nerves , Purify the air, eliminate the effect of peculiar smell. Scented candles are a more traditional way to add fragrance to a home. On a quiet night, or when you need to create a romantic atmosphere, candles are one of the essential embellishments. The beating flames and diffuse fragrance create a warm feeling, and relieve the tension and busyness of life through fragrance. It can be placed in any ideal place such as offices and residences. It is one of the popular methods of aromatherapy in Europe and America such as the United States, Germany, and the Netherlands.


Recommended Aromatherapy Brands in the Netherlands

There are many scented candle brands in the Netherlands. Among them, RITUALS is a brand from the Netherlands. It was established in 2000 and reveals a hint of mysterious oriental culture. For example, it has exclusive Turkish series and Taoist series. In a trance, people have the illusion of being in a foreign country, even with a sense of Zen. The simple and unique trapezoidal shape and a golden lettermark mark are impressive, like opening a letter from over the mountains, so unforgettable. It is worth mentioning that the shape of the car incense, the wooden appearance is low-key gentleman, the smell is light and natural, and it is easy for men who do not like fragrance. Rituals has a wide selection, including fragrances for men. Its quality ingredients are also comparable to high-end aromatherapy brands such as Jo malone or Diptyque. It is a very good choice to buy it as a gift for family and friends during festivals.

Development Prospects of Scented Candles in the Netherlands

1. Aromatherapy candle company gives life concept to each fragrance type in the colorful glass bottle. Aromatherapy changing home life is becoming a fashion. The data shows that developed countries such as Europe and the United States are the main importers of scented candles. During the epidemic, under the general environment of working from home, the consumption of candles has skyrocketed, especially on some e-commerce platforms, such as BOL, the largest e-commerce platform in the Netherlands.

2. In addition, decorative candle products and related handicrafts are more and more used to adjust the atmosphere and home decoration. The product style, shape, color, fragrance, etc. are gradually becoming the main motivation for consumers to buy candles.

3. According to reportlinker data, the global scented candle market size is expected to reach USD 645.7 million by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 11.8% during the forecast period. Therefore, scented candles with new materials that integrate decoration, fashion and lighting must not be underestimated in the development of the Dutch market.

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