Scented candles

Scented candles
Scented candle has been a must in our daily life for a long time. Candles have long been free from the function of single lighting. Adding a variety of natural plant spices in the candle has a good effect on regulating body and mind. So the business of scented candles becomes simple. If you want to do the scented candle business, you still need to know its manufacturer and category.

Private label scented candle manufacturer from China

Candles have long been free from the function of single lighting. Adding a variety of natural plant spices in the candle has a good effect on regulating body and mind. So the business of scented candles becomes simple.

If you want to do the scented candle business, you still need to know its manufacturer and category.

CAIFEDE is a candle company,as a professional scented candle manufacturer and supplier,has customized wholesale scented candles for our customers all over the world for many years.No matter you just start your scented candle business and want some professional candle suggestions,or you are seeking for a reliable supplier who can provide high quality scented candles with good service,we can be the one.With so many years’ experience,CAIFEDE team helped so many companies to build up their own scented candle brands and highly praised by our customers with high level OEM/ ODM scented candles service! We can make 2 million scented candles every year. If you want to start your scented candle aroma business;If you want to replace your scented candle supplier; if you have a new candle idea ;If you want to create your own candle brand.We are looking forwards to your inquires and desire to get the opportunities to cooperate with you for further business!

As the professional scented candle manufacutrer and designer,CAIFEDE has its own scented candle factory.Private label candles are our main products,with the core philosophy-use fragrance to help people make a better life.We stick to traditional Private label scented candle,Private label reed diffuser,Private label candle holders,candle tin,Private label pillar candle,Private label tea candle,tealight candles,

Private label coffee scented candles and keep on developing peripheral products,such as scented disc,scented sachet,car perfumes.What's more,under the mission of meeting needs of smart and fashion home,CAIFEDE pays a lot on exploring fragrance products,like Himalayan salt diffuser,Himalayan salt lamp diffuser,Himalayan salt essential oil diffuser,ultrasonic aromatherapy diffuser,waterless essential oil diffuser,and so on.

About new fragrance products,we have the professional candle scents designers and team,who keeps on trying and developing new scented candles and candle holders with latest fashion trends,to help all our customers gain the market competitiveness and value.If you want to start or expand your fragrance product business, CAIFEDE candles is your the best choice.

We are a scented candles supplier and factory in china, custom and OEM scented candles for customers.

Scented candles are our main hot sale products.CAIFEDE supplies various kinds,like soy wax scented candles,scented glass jar candle,ceramic scented candle,scented tin candle,tealight candles,scented pillar candles...We can also provide OEM/ODM 、private label service.If you don’t have your own design team,our professional designers will help and provide you with the most special designs for you.Free samples can be supplied for quality reference and testing.What we desire most is to provide the best scented candles and help our customers find the most suitable candles.


MOQ : 1000-1500pcs

Material : wax,cotton wick,glass

Scent : customized

Weight : 70-400g

Burning time : 10-80hrs

Size : 5.5*7.5cm-10.5*9cm

Whether OEM : OEM private label

Payment : L/C, T/T, D/P, Western Union, Paypal, Money Gram

Delivery time : 45-60 days after samples approved

Packaging : White Box, PVC Box, carton,or customized

Types of scented candles we make: Scented pillar candles,Luxury scented candles,Strong scented candles,Christmas scented candle,Large scented candle,Scented tealight candles,Vanilla scented candle,Lavender scented candle,Private label candles atc;

We can customize scented candle packaging:Packaging : White Box, PVC Box, carton box;

Private label scented candles types:White paper labels; black paper labels; transparent plastic labels; sprayed logo labels;

You can contact us by email and phone. Professional candle sales staff will respond in a timely manner.

Classification of scented candles

1,Scented pillar candles

Scented glass pillar candles,made of high quality wax,fragrances,lead free wick,and are hand poured into different beautiful glass jars.Candles and glass also have various sizes and colors,which can be customized based on your needs,different sizes will directly decide its own burning times.Personalised scents are always welcome.When candles are burnt out,empty glass can be a decoration or a tealight candle holder.Choose to place one of our scented glass pillar candle on your coffee table, desk, or mantlepiece, or give your loved ones as the perfect gifts,there will be more than one surprises just instead of candles

2,Luxury scented candles

Our luxury scented candles are made of 100% natural soy wax,top fragrances,cotton wick,luxury glass and packaging.You can choose different sizes with one,two or three wicks,which will directly decide its own burning time.Many various scents are provided,if you want your own special scents,then come to choose us and personalised your own scents.Our luxury scented candles are the good choices to elevating your rooms with fabulous aromas,and excellent gifts for your special ones.

3,Strong scented candles

Our scented candles are made of high quality wax,fragrances,cotton wicks,and glass holders,or lids if you like.Different sizes candles with one,two or three wicks candles,which can decide its own burning times. Our candles scented with our strongest aromas and colored to its own scents,which can always initiate your senses of smell with floral collections,fruit collections,spring collections,autumn collections...if you want your own special scents,personalised scents can be provided by our strong backing fragrance houses.Choose one of our scented candles,full fill your rooms with your favorite aromas.

4,Christmas scented candle

Our Christmas scented candles are many and varied.There are single Christmas scented glass candles,scented glass candle sets,tealight candles,glass candle holders.For the Christmas scented candles,made of paraffin or soy wax,100% cotton wicks,and glass candle holders.Once candles are burnt out,empty glass will the perfect candle holders for the tea light candles,or be one excellent part of your home decorations.

5,Large scented candle

Place a large scented candle in your room,and let your room full of your favorite aromas.CAIFEDE large scented candles are poured into enchanting glasses with different surface treatments in various sizes.There are two wicks,three,or even four wick candles in needed,which can last for a long time with strong aroma.Customization are welcome.

6,Scented tealight candles

Tealight candles have so many different uses.Decorations for an loving aniversary,suprising party,romantic proposing event.Multiple type tealight candles can meet all these needs,we are clear about that point.Especially the scented tealight candles.We are aim to provide home fragrance products to our customized all with high quality.So we choose the high quality wax,lead free wick and top fragrance to make our tealight candles.You can use them without any healty worries.Own brands can be built starts from little tealight candles,our OEM ODM services helped aso many customers.We are waiting for you!

7,Vanilla scented candle

Does any one can resist the sweet,warm smell of vanilla?All our vanilla scented candles are poured with the true essence of vanilla,smells like real yummy vanilla,not like fake artificial smelling vanilla.Combined with perfect candle holders,makes these candles very extraordinary.Have a try of our amazing vanilla candles.

Coffee scented candles

8,Scented soy candles

For CAIFEDE scented soy candles,are all made of 100% soy wax and natural cotton wick,highly praised by our customers for the reliable quality and good service.Our soy wax candles have a clean burning and hand poured with natural fragrance.We cooperate with many world top fragrance houses,which provides assurance for scents customization.Based on the strong OEM/ODM abilities,we are aim to help all our customers to build up their own candle brands.

Building a brand of scented candles to maximize business profit

Custom Brands of scented candles have many benefits. 

1,Independent brands have good identification, which can avoid peer competition to a certain extent; 

2,cultivate their own fragrance candle fans to form their own customer groups; 

3,use different fragrance brand positioning for different customer groups; all of these can start with the simplest customized private label.

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