Soy candle flavoring guide and related notes-candle maker must know!

Soy candle flavoring guide and related notes-candle maker must know!
If you are a scented candle maker, you have to understand how to add flavor to soy candles. Before making a scented soy candle, understanding the specific characteristics of the flavor will help us maintain the stability of the soy candle burning and maximize the flavor characteristics. We at CAIFED CANDLES deliberately wrote this article to help you avoid detours when DIY soy candles Soy candle flavoring guide and related notes-candle maker must know!

Part 1-Proportion and Influencing Factors of Flavors in Scented Candles

The key to a properly scented candle is to make sure you use the right proportion of flavor and soy wax. Before the stability of the candle begins to be affected (oil on the candle surface), it is recommended not to add more than 12% of the flavor. As a rough guide, we recommend using 6-10% fragrance in candles.

The proportion of flavours we add to our candles depends on three factors:

The scent concentration you want.

Wax-based materials, different wax materials also have some effects on fragrance

The flash point of flavors is more professional and needs to be provided by the flavor company. Different flavors have different flash points.

Part 2-know the flash point of the fragrance used

Before deciding how much fragrance to add to a candle, it is recommended to know the flash point of the selected fragrance. The flash point of a fragrance refers to the lower temperature at which the fragrance evaporates.

This can be a problem if the scent oil used has a low flash point (i.e. it can evaporate at lower temperatures), and try to avoid using scent with a low flash point.

For example, suppose you are using an essential oil with a flash point of 65 degrees Celsius (that is, it evaporates at 65 degrees Celsius). When fused with a wax, when the temperature of the melted wax reaches 80 degrees Celsius and is higher than the flash point of the fragrance, it will cause the fragrance The essential oil evaporates as the candle cools and solidifies. The end result is that most of the fragrance odor will evaporate before the candle is completely cooled, so we will feel a lot of fragrance added, but the fragrance is very light.

Part 3-how to decide and calculate the amount of fragrance

To figure out how much perfume to use is both artistic and scientific, it is recommended to use the following two rules to estimate:

For light-scented flavors: try to add a higher proportion, such as 8-10%.

For strong flavors: It is recommended to add between 6-8%. Of course, if you prefer strong, you can also add 8-10%, depending on your personal preference.

It is best not to make the fragrance ratio too high, because it will cause the candle to bleed.

In addition, please note that elegant fragrances often have a lower flash point and can evaporate at temperatures as low as 55 degrees Celsius. Of course, you can contact the flavor factory to obtain specific flash point values for correct judgment. In Part 5 below, we will explain how these essential oils are properly added to candles.

Part 4-How to properly measure the amount of fragrance used

It is recommended that when calculating the amount of flavor added, it is best to use weight rather than volume and other volume measures. In reality, many candle factories often use milliliters to calculate the amount of essential oil. In fact, this is not the best method because different flavors have different densities.

If the volume is measured in milliliters, it may eventually lead to inaccurate use of flavor. This may be fine when the number of scented candles is small, but when we produce it in large quantities, it will cause a large difference. This is also the experience that our CAIFEDE CANDLES has summarized in many years of production.

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Part 5-The right process to add flavor to soy candles

Adding flavor to soy wax candles, to ensure that the flavor can be completely blended with soy wax, so we need to control the melting wax and the temperature of the wax filling according to the flash point of the flavor.

In addition, after adding the candle, the stirring time is generally about 2 minutes. If the flash point of the perfume is too low, the stirring time should be prolonged accordingly.

The following table is a list of recommended temperatures for adding fragrance and wax to candles:

The right way to add flavor to soy candles

Flavor point

Melting wax temperature

Can wax temperature





Flavor point

Slightly below the flavor flash point




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