The cost of Private label candles with essential oils is the main obstacle

The cost of Private label candles with essential oils is the main obstacle
To create a private brand of natural oil candle is a good wish of many people. But it has an important obstacle is that the cost of this candle is too high. For many people, it's a luxury candle. Of course, this can have something to do with market positioning. If your customers have extraordinary taste and health awareness, then you are also familiar with this part of the market. It is a very good idea to customize the private label essential oil candle.

The cost of candles

Now the main materials of candles are soybean wax, palm wax, beeswax and paraffin. Now most of the scented candles made by candle companies are mainly soybean wax and paraffin wax. Soybean wax is made of pure soybean oil ester as raw material. It is mainly developed for pouring high-grade craft candles. Compared with ordinary candles, the poured candles have the characteristics of no peeling off, smooth surface, full burning, lasting, smoke-free and tasteless, green, healthy and environmental protection. It is the first choice of high-grade incense candles and is very popular in Europe and America. The cost of soy wax is also affected by the price fluctuation of raw materials, and the general price is more than 2500 US dollars per ton.

But many widely used candles are made of paraffin extracted from petroleum, chemical distillates and petroleum carbon black. Although they are widely used, they are harmful to health and environment. The price of paraffin is also affected by the price fluctuation of oil. In 2021, the price is generally US $1000 per ton.

Cost of essential oil

There must be a lot of inferior essential oils with low price.

The real good oil processing is about 80000 yuan. The cheapest essential oil costs 300-400 yuan per kilogram.

The key depends on what brand of essential oil you want and who are the consumers?

Cheap goods have a market for cheap goods; noble goods have a market for luxury goods.

There is no clear value for this cost. The specific price varies according to the oil yield of the plants distilled and the current year's price. For example, lavender has a high oil yield and many plants, so the price is naturally cheap. 1kg is about 167 US dollars, while rose essential oil is very expensive because the oil yield is only 3% of 10000. The price of 10ml rose essential oil has exceeded 167 US dollars.

If calculated in this way, the price of pure natural essential oil is very expensive. It's very luxurious to make scented candles with such materials.

It's true that many luxury brands in the market say they use pure natural essential oil candles when promoting. In fact, most manufacturers of scented candles add some essential oils in the process of making them. Of course, this will also make the cost of scented candles soar.

Private label candle creates brand

1. You need a loud name

2. You need to design a logo

3. You need to build your own sales channels

4. Market risk estimation

5. Need a certain advertising budget

6. Registered companies and recruiters, etc

Cost of candle packaging

The material and design of candle packaging should be determined according to the positioning. Luxury packaging design is really refreshing.

Cost of transporting candles

The cost here is mainly from the transportation cost from the factory to the port, sea freight, port transfer fee and so on.

It can be seen that the cost of private label candles with essential oils is relatively high. If you don't have a clear market positioning and budget, it may bring a lot of troubles to your candle business.

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