Window candle holder in UK

Window candle holder in UK
A candle holder is one of the lighting appliances. It refers to an undecorated or decorated appliance with spikes or holes to hold a candle. It can also refer to a candle on a candle holder. Some containers can also function as a candle holder, such as Glassware for floating wax, small incense burners for lighting wax and essential oils, treated bamboo tubes, etc. It has many styles and many materials. Sales of window candle holders especially skyrocket in the UK at Christmas time.

The existence of candle holders in Europe began around the 10th century AD. The initial production was very simple, and later evolved into silver casting, but these silver candle holders were confiscated and poured into silver coins during the British Civil War in the 17th century. On the windows, it illuminated the fleeing missionaries. In England in the middle and late eighteenth century, the craftsmanship improved, the production cost of candle holders dropped significantly, and the styles of candle holders on the market became more abundant.

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As an emerging decoration, window candle holders are relatively cheap, especially in recent years, with the development of major e-commerce networks in the UK, you can see a lot of cheap window candle holders on major retail websites in the UK, with a variety of shapes, and Yes come in various sizes. Each style has its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, the most popular window candle holder currently on sale on the UK Amazon website has a romantic atmosphere. It is also very emotional to have a candlelight dinner with your lover at home. Today, the editor will lead you to understand the status quo of window candle holders in the UK from multiple angles.

Window Candle holder Prices:

The price of window candle holders is relatively cheap online in the UK. Generally, the prices of candle holders available online range from 10 yuan to 100 pounds, and they are mainly resin or iron products. Some plastic candle holders will be more beautiful and not look very cold, but the prices are almost the same. If you want a better one, you can go to a large local supermarket or candle holder supplier in the UK to buy it. The price of this kind of candle holder is less than 1,000 yuan.

Window Candle holder Dimensions:

The size of window candle holders is generally not too large than that on the dining table. The size of the candle holders placed on the table is generally 15-30cm. The size of the window sill should be considered for the candle holders on the window. Coordinate so that it doesn't look ugly. Most candle holders on the UK market are designed to hold taper candles which are a standard 7/8 inch diameter.

Window candle holders optional decoration:

Window candle holders are often matched with candles for decoration. In addition, candle holders can be used as a part of home decoration in addition to serving candles. Therefore, when choosing window candle holders, it is necessary to be just right, and not to place too many indoors. Exquisite window candle holders can add to the fun of home life. British people are more willing to spend a small amount of money to buy a variety of novelty candle holders to decorate the room. Using its wonderful shape and the beauty and aroma of candlelight can often highlight the taste of the homeowner. , or displayed on the antique shelf, and kept well, it is also an elegant embellishment of a happy life.

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There are many styles of candle holders in the British market, generally divided into two types: European style and Chinese style. You can choose the appropriate candle holder according to the style of home decoration. In terms of materials, iron candle holders are mostly used. Iron window candle holders are easy to clean dust and are not fragile, and can be well matched with any home decoration style. However, the color of iron candle holders is too single, and now the market is more popular with plexiglass. Candle holders can make up for the lack of color of iron candle holders

There are several shapes of window candle holders that are common in the UK market:

1. Creative style candle holder, which is characterized by using the shape of a dead tree for decoration, and the ornamental value is relatively strong. The wax dish above is designed to be relatively small and can be placed alone, or it can be used as a utility with a candle inserted.

2. The modern style window candle holder is simple and elegant, practical, full of modern sense, with concise and capable lines. That's the best way to describe them. A simple design accentuates the character of the candle holder and also accentuates the creative element. The main color of black is a versatile style, which can be placed not only by the window, but also anywhere in the home.

3. The wrought-iron style window candle holder makes the action of people carrying a burden into a candle holder, and uses steel wire to make several curved lines to highlight this feature. The base is also designed in a circle to make the whole candle holder more stable . The place where the candles are placed can be removed, and a few crystal decorations are also made on it, which is very beautiful.

4. The wooden window candle holders are decorated with carvings and inlays to give people a better aesthetic feeling. The wooden texture is well maintained, and the candle tray in the middle is painted black for protection.

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Unlimited creativity and infinite style, the variety of candle holders always brings people a variety of different experiences, which is one of the reasons why British customers love window candle holders so much. As a professional manufacturer of candle holders, we supply window candle holders, dining table candle holders, bedroom candle holders and other occasions, and we will not let you down.

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