How to be starting a private label candle business?

How to be starting a private label candle business?
Start a private label brand scented candle business, not only to get the candles to meet the requirements, through these products to establish their own sales channels is the most important. Fragrance type plays an important role in user experience. The establishment of private label candle business needs a huge supply chain support, and each accessory needs different industrial processes.

Scented candle is a necessity in life. We can't live without candles. Candle is a kind of consumable, which needs to be purchased frequently to make up for the deficit of home. So the candle business is sustainable. So, how to start a private label candle?

First of all, as mentioned above, candles are consumables. Customers will often choose and buy all kinds of scented candles to meet the needs of different occasions. When they like your scented candle, like your candle package, cup holder, they will become your loyal candle customers. They buy your scented candles from gift shops, supermarkets, and even Internet platforms like Amazon. They look for your personal label, and it becomes quick and easy.

Starte a private label candle business needs a logo.

Whether you already have one or are ready to design a logo. The logo should be simple and elegant. When people see the logo design, they will feel that your candle brand has high-end quality. It is particularly important that the logo is printed on the private label.

Starte a private label candle business needs packaging design.

The first choice of candle packing box is material, color and printing.

Kraft paper material

Most aromatherapy candles are made of kraft paper. Kraft paper is made from at least 80% sulfuric acid wood pulp. It is strong and strong, which is very suitable for the packaging material of aromatherapy candle.

Since the package weight will not be increased, the use of kraft paper packaging box can reduce transportation costs. Its durability and flexibility also provide more protection for the product.

Kraft paper is divided into various specifications, which can help your enterprise improve the appearance of products, enhance brand promotion and increase profits.

Corrugated material

Another preferred material is corrugated paper. Of the three, this one is the toughest. This is why the material is the most ideal packaging material.

Corrugated board is composed of two pieces of liner paper and corrugated sheet. The three-layer paper assembly method makes the whole structure have better strength. This ingenious structure forms a series of interconnected arches. This structure makes corrugated paper have considerable rigidity and strength. The air circulating in the grooves is also used as an insulator to provide excellent thermal protection.

Grey board material

Grey board material is commonly used in the packaging box material of aromatherapy candle. It is a kind of cardboard made of recycled paper. The gift box made of gray board is strong and durable, and can even be used to place fragile items.

According to the needs of products, different thickness of gray board can be selected, such as 1 mm, 1.25 mm, 1.35 mm, etc. The higher the thickness, the stronger the hardness and extrusion resistance.

Some are attached with plastic film, others are not. The actual operation depends on the cost.

So, how to design the candle packing box to start the private label aromatherapy candle business?

1、 Highlight product features

For aromatherapy candle packaging designers in the design process, the first thing to do is to highlight the characteristics of this product, you can attach the logo of the relevant brand on the package, which is the most important aspect, because only in this way can consumers know which enterprise or brand they are buying is produced, so that they can make up their minds On the other hand, it is necessary to introduce the features of the product, so that consumers can understand the product without opening the package.

2、 Simple and high end

For many products, with the same quality, if the packaging looks more high-end, the price of the product will naturally be higher. Even so, consumers are still willing to buy those products with high-end packaging. Therefore, in the process of packaging design of aromatherapy candle, we must make the package look more high-end. To achieve this effect, we can use the Many methods, such as simple design style can achieve this effect, on the other hand, through color matching, such as using purple or gold color, can also make the packaging look more noble and high-end.

How to choose a candle holder to start a private label candle  business?

When we want to burn our favorite scented candles to relax ,what we also need is a beautiful matched candle holder.Our glass candles holders are recyclable with high quality.They are many and varied,many different sizes and appearances you can choose.Like regular sizes 7*8 cm,8*9cm...different colors with black,white,gray,silver,colors inner electroplated,decals on container...Also other sizes and shaped ones.If you want to make your own candles with our containers,and want some sizes and shapes special,contact and we always eager to customized for you. 

There are millions of kinds of candle holder materials, and there are more than one million cup types. If the special cup shape is required, the mold needs to be opened, but the mold opening cost is required. This is not a small expense. If you start a private label candle business, try to choose the cup type recommended by the candle manufacturer to save costs.

Make sure you make a sample before you start a private label scented candle business.

No matter how much fragrance, cup shape, candle packaging, material design, printing, etc. are described in the phone or email, it's better to make a sample of candle and confirm it.

Although a little sample cost will be paid, it can avoid the loss of error caused by mass production of candles in the future.

Once you've got a sample of the candle, you'll get the same bulk as the sample. Therefore, this link must not be missed when opening the private label candle business.

Getting a private label candle is not the end of the business, it's the beginning.

The sales channel of scented candles is the core of the whole business. If you purchase custom-made scented candles with private labels from caifede candle, the quality of the products is guaranteed. After all, it is the background of a large candle factory.

How to establish sales channels for private label candle business?

What are the channels?

If the positioning of the city's market, can be in the city's supermarkets, shopping malls, pharmacies, coffee shops, beauty salons and other venues to shop. Communicate with their boss and sell your scented candles.

Amazon can help you expand your market share. Here you need your candle brand, stock in Amazon.

Facebook set up a home page to attract fans to buy your products, set up a Facebook group, promote your candle brand, and let more consumers know about it.

Set up an independent mall website to promote your private label candle and expand your candle business through Google and other search engines.

INS is also a good choice. By sharing products, using videos or pictures to attract consumers' attention, and even to expand the influence of your brand through paid advertising.

If you are starting from scratch in the private label candle label business, then you need perseverance and perseverance to build your own fragrance candle channel.

In the process of establishing channels, constantly enrich their aromatherapy product line to meet the different needs of existing customer groups. Your business will grow bigger and better.

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