How to choose right reed diffuser sticks,fiber sticks VS nature rattan sticks?

2021-09-08 06:06:55

When it comes to reed diffuser,reed sticks are often mentioned because they affect the diffusion effect of essential oil.There are 2 kinds of reed diffuser sticks that we often use.One is nature rattan stick which is made of rattan and other is fiber stick which is eco-friendly synthetic fiber material.We have to know what the differences between them if we want to know how to choose right reed diffuser sticks.

  • Why do we need to choose rattan sticks for reed diffuser?

Nature rattan sticks:The nature rattan sticks are usually from natural plants of vine, willow or reed, and they are filled with pores at both ends,each rattan stick has a slight difference in length and curvature.Usually they are processed with mildrew proofing and dry treatment, so do not worry that they can get mouldy.

Fiber sticks:The fiber sticks are made by fiber. With the improvement of enviromental protection, especially the eco-friendly fiber material is used for fiber sticks. Pores for fiber sticks evenly distributed throughout the sticks and all sticks can be exactlly the same. 

Compared with nature rattan sticks, fiber rattan sticks also have stronger water absorption,strong water storage and volatile stability. And there are various choices in color. Most customers choose black and white to keep low cost.

All in all,different characteristics determine they have some differences in using effect.So we have to choose right sticks for reed diffuser according to our needs.


  • Choose right sticks according to our habits due to different using methods for both sticks.

Nature rattan stick:When natural rattan sticks are used the first time, one end of the nature rattan stick needs to be immersed in perfume, and then take out after about half an hour when the rattan stick absorbs perfume adequately, then put another end of the stick in bottle.

Fiber sticks:The fiber sticks only need to be put into the perfume without changing the direction of the stick.


  • Choose right sticks according to your markets/needs.

Nature rattan stick:Natural rattan sticks can be processed into more shapes, such as handmade rattan balls, flowers and so on.

Fiber sticks:As a home fragrance supplier, to be honest, the fiber sticks are more expensive than nature rattan sticks.And lots of our customers choose black and white fiber sticks to keep cost down.



There are lots of pores for both sticks and the pores are easy to be blocked by dust.So the sticks have to be replaced regularly no matter which stick you choose.


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