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The worlds top unpopular fragrance, you know?

The scented candles give us an unparalleled sense of well-being, lifting our day's exhaustion. But how much do we know about the world's top fragrances?

Just talk today.

Cire Trudon is from France and was founded in 1643 by Mr.Claude Trudon. Cire Trudon, from 1719, not only used candles for the ceremony of many important representative churches, but also became the candle craftsman of the French royal family.

For the royal family such as Louis 14, Napoleon and Queen Mary, to create the candlelight for life and special occasions, Cire Trudon itself represents the royal taste of the royal family.

Coral green glass bottle used by Cire Trudon, made by Italian Vinci glass artisans. The bottle is affixed with a golden embossed seal made by the old French champagne factory, which maintains the noble luxury of a century of traditional craftsmanship.

Among the bushes, Napoleon thorns, pine hay and sage, the rhythm of the march is uniform; under the hedgehog, a small moment, thyme, rosemary and marjoram, bring a nostalgic past; and that represents The victorious laurel leaves were born only to become the crown of the heroic hero.

The scent of oranges and wood, together with the floral scent of orange blossoms, weaves the artist's dream, and the inspiration rises from the hookah pipe; the vibrant aroma of the hedgehog and citrus fruit is set against the vanilla flavor. A gorgeous romantic oriental painting.

Royal fragrance at the Voluspa Hollywood Awards Ceremony

Inspired by art, fragrance and elegant lighting, Troy Arntsen and Traci Arntsen founded the Voluspa brand in 1999. The combination of the nose of the Traci perfumer and the background of Troy's engineering technology applied coconut wax to the field of scented candle making for the first time, leading a series of scented, pure and aromatic fragrances.

Voluspa's packaging design is full of exotic flavors, pure natural ingredients and extraordinary aroma. Voluspa is now available in the world's top shopping malls and buyers; it is a must-have home fragrance brand for many star families, and it is also the Hollywood awards ceremony. Fragrance.

The Japonica collection pays homage to traditional paper art and combines dignified floral packaging with solid fragrance.

Elegant glass shape with embossed lid and accents. The gold-plated lining creates a vintage effect that Voluspa has uniquely hand-blown. A rare seasonal spice, decorated with the Japonica luxury collection. Only natural essential oils are used and handcrafted in Southern California.

Rosy Rings American Pure Plant Fragrance Feast

The carvings of the gods and sorrows exude the scent of fruit, the lively spirituality of the animals, and the perfect gesture to present a feast of fragrance.

The Rosy Rings brand was born in Denver, USA in the 1990s. From the original basement workshop to the 30,000-square-meter factory today, the pursuit of natural, environmentally friendly and high-quality craftsmanship is always unchanged. From filling, filling, refilling, edge melting, cooling to packaging, the production process of each batch of candles takes two days, completely handmade.

Living in the city, it is easy to forget the beautiful scenery of nature, the orange in the sun, the willow leaves swaying in the wind, the lotus in the rain, and the bare wax series of Rosy Rings keep the natural gifts in the candles, and the fragrance One is one, igniting the most aromatic warmth in the home.

9-inch plant bare wax: 15.2cm in diameter and 22.8cn in height,

Burning time: 300 hours

The classic masterpiece of Rosy Rings, all handmade, can be seen in the flower body inlaid on the wax body, can also smell the natural aroma of flowers and fruits when not lit, at home is still a good-looking ornament.

Content: 335g

Packing size: w9*h12cm

The classic 9 village plant naked wax avatar is a small glass of wax, 5 kinds of fragrance, can burn for 85 hours.

True Grace's most classic British aroma

True Grace was founded in 2003, and founders Philippa and Roger Biles have been making scented candles for world-famous brands before creating True Grace.

True Grace's fragrance is inspired by the British founder's complex of the two founders, who for many years insisted on the handmade production of their hometown of Welter.

The scent of True Grace's manor, country, and hidden gardens is scented as if it were in the English countryside, and the body and mood are especially relaxed.

The True Grace classic candle has a classic design with a classic pattern from the 1930s. It will show beautiful shadows when lit. Classic candles can be used alone or in combination with other fragrances.

No need to ignite, the non-flame fragrance series will continue to spread the fragrance for the room. The elegant design of the glass bottle comes from the discovery of the Victorian exquisite medicine bottle in the antique market.

LAND by LAND Stylish New York Natural Scented Candle

LAND BY LAND was founded by two Japanese designers Kanoko Mizuo and Tomoyo Kamio who lived in New York. The brown glass bottle is full of natural design, and the wick is a pure natural fabric-grade wick that is harmless to the human body. When it is blown out, there will be no black smoke from the nose. Made from natural beeswax and vegetable wax, the melting point is only 30°. The burnt wax oil can also be used as a body massage essential oil.

Specifications: 3.5 ounces

Burning time: 28-30 hours

Material: natural beeswax, vegetable wax, spices, essential oils, cotton wick

Glass cans, New York handmade, 11 kinds of scent such as orange blossom, cedar, fig, rosemary and patchouli, is it a difficult choice?

Weight: 40g; size: 6 (diameter) x2 (height) cm

Burning time: 7-9 hours

Travel by LAND is small and portable, and can be placed in a suitcase, in a handbag or even in a back pocket. It has been selected by New York's "Style" magazine as a teasing fashion fragrance, as well as specific balm and massage oil functions, so that all fashion people can not resist.

Votivo French legendary handmade fragrance

The history of Votivo's fragrance dates back to a very early era of handmade candle making, and its craftsmanship has been passed down to the finest French perfumers of the French craftsmanship – for centuries they have been the French royal family and nobles. jobs. The perfect details, the selection of materials, and the craftsmanship are enough to give Votivo a place in a wide range of merchandise brands.

Votivo expresses an oath, hope or wish. Votivo stands for infinite top-notch care and rigorous attention to detail, and promises that every candle is hand-wrapped and wearing a hand-pressed seal, making each item unique.

The evergreen holly trees make you feel like you are in a forest after the rain, and there is a touch of fragrance.

Ignite these three flavors and let the room fill the aroma of autumn fruit harvest.

Herve Gambs from the French perfume capital Grasse

Whether it's a cross-border collaboration with Hermès or a window design with LV, Herve Gambs Paris always presents the simplicity, exquisiteness and beauty of French life through unparalleled creativity and meticulous work, because for the French, the fragrance is A personal identification is an identification of identity. Pure French descent, 100% from the manufacture of Grasse (French perfume capital).

In the morning, open the window door and face a verdant French grassland. The fresh grass, white rosin and tarragon and hyacinth scented in the wash of nature to welcome a new day. Suitable for morning or any need to adjust mood.

In addition, there are Provence figs, morning blue bells, daughter fragrance, heart of patchouli, and love of white bean curd for you to choose.

Tom Dixon's Aromatic Tour of British Ghost Designers

Although Tom Dixon is not a professional perfumer, whether you are a loyal fan of the design geek Tom Dixon or a perfectionist who pursues texture, this scented candle will be your ideal. The iconic Dixon metal-style container, when the candle burns out, the delicate metal container is also a unique decoration in the home. Or you can turn them into unique wine glasses when they are in place.

"London" breaks into the saffron and ramie in Hyde Park for your room. The orientalist fragrance of the orientalist family will accompany you into a rose-decorated Indian wedding. "Royalty" symbolizes a royal-like lifestyle, revealing the sweet aroma of Earl Grey and English muffins.

CHANDO Chinese fragrance aesthetic from the East

CHANDO fragrance is the representative brand of Chinese fragrance aesthetics, exudes a relaxed and elegant atmosphere, penetrating the essence of modern and classical.

The sexy rose blossoms throughout, while the jasmine petals are encrusted with elegant lily of the valley, gently intoxicating on the magic journey; the overall fragrance makes people feel mature and generous, exudes a subtle, charming, irresistible temperament.

The quiet and fascinating scent reveals that the cute "small flesh" has a tenacious and unyielding perseverance

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