Wholesale 100ml Custom Private label white glass bottle aroma reed oil diffuser

Wholesale 100ml Custom Private label white glass bottle aroma reed oil diffuser
Wholesale 100ml Custom Private label white glass bottle aroma reed oil diffuser
Wholesale 100ml Custom Private label white glass bottle aroma reed oil diffuser
Wholesale 100ml Custom Private label white glass bottle aroma reed oil diffuser
Wholesale 100ml Custom Private label white glass bottle aroma reed oil diffuser
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Simple,full of luxury and minimalist breeze,this aroma reed oil diffuser is the ideal home fragrance product for your daily life.

Introducing our Wholesale 100ml Custom Private Label White Glass Bottle Aroma Reed Oil Diffusers – an embodiment of sophistication, fragrance, and customizable elegance. Crafted for those who appreciate the finer things, these diffusers are designed to elevate any space with their exquisite design and captivating scents. Dive into the essence of refinement as we unveil the beauty and versatility of our wholesale diffusers.

100ml is the volume for this reed diffuser set,of course,there are also many different glasses with various volumes.For all glass,there are no colors,they are clear,which means these clear glasses full of possibilities for your brand new reed diffuser sets.Various techniques,like basic color spraying,silk-screen printing,frosted treatment,electroplating...are all workable for customization,what’s more,can help to make your reed diffuser set more beautiful,attractive and unique.

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For most of our customers,are aiming to find the most special and unique scents for their own brand,different from the existing ones,then it needs to do the scent customization.We have a wide range of fragrance,it covers a lot from floral,woody,citrus,fresh...most scents can be found in CAIFEDE.Or if you want some scents special,new scent recreation is always welcome and workable.

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After the glass and scents are confirmed,then the designs for the label and packaging are the next parts.No matter you want private label sticker on bottles,or silk-screen printing,our technique are always ready for the needs.Packaging ways are various too,standard colorful cardboard box,cloth bag,PET box,with or without insert card...we can custom upon your demands.

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Immerse yourself in a world of captivating scents as our diffusers offer a range of fragrance options. From calming lavender to invigorating citrus and warm vanilla, each aroma is thoughtfully crafted to create a unique olfactory experience. Select the scents that resonate with your brand or tailor them to suit specific preferences.


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Our 100ml custom white glass bottle diffusers are a visual delight, blending seamlessly with any decor. The minimalist design exudes elegance, making them a perfect addition to both modern and classic interiors. The pristine white glass not only complements various styles but also allows for easy customization to match your brand aesthetics.


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Make a lasting impression by adding your private label and packaging way to our diffusers. Customization options include incorporating your brand logo, choosing packaging details, and creating a personalized label. This transforms each diffuser into a bespoke product that not only elevates your brand but also provides customers with a unique and memorable experience.


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Our wholesale program opens doors to retailers seeking quality, elegance, and customization. Whether you are a boutique, spa, or home decor store, our 100ml custom diffusers offer a high-end product that attracts discerning customers. Explore the opportunity to enhance your product line with these exquisite aroma diffusers.

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How to Start Your Wholesale Journey

To embark on your wholesale journey with our 100ml custom diffusers, contact our dedicated team at info@caifedecandles.com. Our experts will guide you through fragrance selection, private label customization, and the seamless ordering process. Elevate your retail offerings with our sophisticated and customizable aroma reed oil diffusers.

Transform any space into a haven of elegance and fragrance with our Wholesale 100ml Custom Private Label White Glass Bottle Aroma Reed Oil Diffusers. Whether you are a retailer or a brand looking to enhance your product line, our diffusers offer a perfect blend of design, customization, and sophistication. Elevate your surroundings with the essence of refinement from CAIFEDE.


1. What is included in the Wholesale 100ml Aroma Reed Oil Diffuser package?

The wholesale package typically includes 100ml custom white glass bottle aroma reed oil diffusers, premium fragrance oils, and customized packaging.

2. Can I customize the white glass bottle diffusers with my own brand?

Yes, our wholesale program offers private label customization. You can add your brand logo, choose packaging details, and create a personalized label for a unique and branded product.

3. How do I initiate the wholesale ordering process?

To start the wholesale ordering process, please contact our sales team. They will guide you through fragrance selection, private label customization, and provide information on bulk pricing.

4. Are there minimum order quantities for wholesale purchases?

Minimum order quantities may apply. Contact our sales team to discuss your specific requirements, including quantities and pricing for wholesale orders.

5. Can I request samples before placing a bulk order?

Yes, we understand the importance of sampling. Contact our sales team to discuss sample options and explore the fragrances and customization features before placing a bulk order.

6. What fragrances are available for the 100ml custom diffusers?

Our diffusers offer a range of fragrance options, including calming lavender, invigorating citrus, warm vanilla, and more. You can discuss specific fragrance preferences with our team.

7. How long does the fragrance typically last in the 100ml diffuser?

The duration of the fragrance can vary based on factors such as room size and ventilation. Generally, the 100ml size provides a lasting aromatic experience.

8. Can I mix and match fragrances in a wholesale order?

Yes, depending on availability, you may have the option to mix and match fragrances within your wholesale order. Discuss your preferences with our sales team.

9. What sets your wholesale diffusers apart from others on the market?

Our wholesale diffusers are crafted with a focus on design, quality, and customization. The white glass bottle design and private label options offer a unique and sophisticated product.

10. Are these diffusers suitable for resale in various retail environments?

Absolutely, our 100ml custom diffusers are suitable for resale in a variety of retail settings, including boutiques, spas, and home decor stores.

These FAQs are designed to provide essential information about the Wholesale 100ml Custom Private Label White Glass Bottle Aroma Reed Oil Diffusers. If you have specific inquiries or require more details, please feel free to contact our customer service team for assistance.


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Name: Kathy W.        time:2021-12-08 14:30:52
This reed diffuser oil is one of my favorites! Thanks for the fast delivery.

Name: Ellie        time:2020-09-08 14:31:36
The aroma oil is good and smells like nature. It evaporates quickly.

Name: Whitney        time:2020-08-04 13:39:50
Reed diffuser works well, just plug in two and the fragrance fills the house.

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