Wholesale private label scented candles manufacturers Australia customize packaging

Wholesale private label scented candles manufacturers Australia customize packaging
Wholesale private label scented candles manufacturers Australia customize packaging
Wholesale private label scented candles manufacturers Australia customize packaging
Wholesale private label scented candles manufacturers Australia customize packaging
Wholesale private label scented candles manufacturers Australia customize packaging
Glass, wax, essence
Lavender, jasmine, vanilla, etc.
340g, 380g, etc.
Burning time
8*9cm, 9*10cm, etc.
Whether OEM
L/C, T/T, D/P, Western Union, Paypal, Money Gram
Delivery time
30~45 days after samples approved
Colorful packaging box,White Box, PVC Box, carton,or customized
With customizable internal and external treatments, Australian consumers can tailor these candles to suit their unique preferences, whether it's creating different atmospheres with varied internal colors or choosing from silk-screen printing, etching, electroplating, or frosted finishes for the external surface. Perfect for minimalist home decor, these scented candles not only complement simple design styles but also infuse living spaces with delightful aromas, making them ideal for special occasions like birthday parties and romantic anniversaries. As a professional candle manufacturer, we offer complete customization, allowing Australian consumers to create their own brand of scented candles with personalized scents, containers, artwork designs, and packaging, ensuring that each candle reflects their unique vision and style.

Customizable Scented Candles: Elevate Your Space with Elegance and Aroma

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Elegance in a Jar: The Allure of Our Glass Jar Scented Candle

our glass jar scented candle, exuding an elegant look that is sure to captivate. The inner color spraying, combined with a classical and simple white exterior, creates a timeless aesthetic. Crafted with high-quality wax and a delightful scent, this candle is truly irresistible. Its allure lies in its ability to add a touch of sophistication to any space, making it a must-have for Australian consumers seeking a refined and alluring ambiance in their homes.

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Customization Options: Tailoring Your Scented Candle to Suit Your Style

In Australia, our scented candle with internal white color spraying brings an air of elegance to any setting. The option to customize the internal color allows for the creation of different atmospheres, catering to diverse preferences. Furthermore, the external surface offers a range of treatments, including silk-screen printing, etching, electroplating, and frosted finishes. This level of customization ensures that Australian consumers can tailor their scented candles to suit their unique tastes and preferences. For example, a customer in Melbourne might opt for a frosted finish to complement their modern decor, while a customer in Sydney might choose an electroplated exterior for a touch of luxury.

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Minimalist Charm: Elevate Your Space with Our Scented Candle

For Australian consumers with a penchant for minimalist and simple home decor, our scented candle is the perfect addition. Not only does it complement such design styles flawlessly, but it also serves the practical purpose of infusing living spaces with a fresh, delightful aroma. Packaged in a thoughtfully designed box, this scented candle makes for an ideal gift, adding an element of surprise to occasions such as birthday parties, romantic anniversaries, and home gatherings. Its ability to elevate special events is unmatched, making it a go-to choice for Australian consumers seeking to create memorable experiences. For instance, a customer in Brisbane might use our scented candles to create a serene ambiance for a relaxing evening at home, while a customer in Perth might gift them as a thoughtful housewarming present.


Customize Your Brand: Tailored Scented Candles for Your Unique Vision

In Australia, customization is key, and our scented candles offer just that. From the scent to the container, artwork design, and packaging, every aspect can be tailored to reflect your brand. As a professional candle manufacturer, we prioritize not only delivering high-quality products but also offering creative designs and exceptional service. Australian consumers can trust that our candles are not only of the highest quality but also customizable to meet their specific needs and preferences. For example, a boutique in Adelaide might collaborate with us to create a signature scent that embodies their brand, while a retailer in Canberra might opt for custom packaging that aligns with their brand's aesthetic.


Scent reference

Scent is so amazing and attractive.We have a wide range of fragrance collection,from floral,fruity,fresh,to woody,spicy and some other scents.Different scents can help to different atmosphere,romantic,sweet,lovely,ect.Almost all scents can be customized in CAIFEDE.

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FOB Qingdao


1.Sample lead time: Usually within 3~7days

2.OEM ODM services

3.Free samples will be provided,sample fees are refundable upon order


1.By air, sea or combined transportation

2.Express via FEDEX,TNT,UPS,DHL,EMS,HK Post(As your request)

3.Tracking Number will offer you immediately after delivery.

4.Shipping cost depends on the shipping method, product quantity, weight, carton size and your area.


Regular order:30-60day after sample approval.


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I really love this scented candle! The faint fragrance is super nice.

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The smell is very good and the packaging is beautiful.

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