Wholesale scented candle no label

Wholesale scented candle no label
If you are just starting the business of wholesale scented candles, we suggest you start with unlabeled scented candles, the price of unlabeled scented candles is relatively cheap, most candle manufacturers have stocks, the requirement for the MOQ is not high, you can reduce Trial and error costs.

Scented candles are candles that diffuse fragrance into the air. They are often used for environmental conditioning, mood-enhancing, stress-relieving, and other purposes. In developed countries such as Europe and the United States, more and more products have become necessities of life. The market for scented candles is so big that more and more people are starting to engage in wholesale scented candles.

Reasons for the popularity of unlabeled scented candles

1. Unlabeled scented candles refer to candles that do not have a brand logo printed on them. In recent years, simplicity has become a new fashion, and in the candle industry, merchants have followed the trend and begun to launch unlabeled scented candles.

2. The improvement of public awareness of environmental protection has promoted the wholesale of unlabeled scented candles. Today's consumers are very concerned about the materials used to produce their packaging and the choices they make about what is sold by brands that seek to reduce the cost of doing business while protecting people's health. Therefore, label-free scented candles are favored by many environmentally conscious consumers.

3. Unlabeled scented candles, most candle producers have stocks, candle wholesalers can save the time and cost of customizing LOGO, and if candle merchants can also add labels at any time according to needs, the flexibility is high.

4. The development of online shopping has promoted scented candles without labels. Consumers can learn about the performance characteristics of candles through the text descriptions of online merchants.

How to choose an unlabeled scented candle?

When choosing unlabeled scented candles, you can consider three aspects: appearance, smell, and use effect.

First of all, pay attention to the composition of candles. The wax of scented candles is the most basic component, and it is also one of the main reasons for the price difference of various scented candles. At present, the common candle materials on the market include paraffin wax, vegetable wax, beeswax and mixed wax. Ordinary candles mostly use paraffin wax, which is relatively low in cost and prone to black smoke. The harmful substances produced by poor-quality wax when burned can also affect the health of the respiratory system. Paraffin scented candles smell faster and smell better than other wax scented candles. The disadvantage is that you don't know if it is poisonous. Most of the vegetable waxes are coconut wax, soybean wax, almond wax, palm wax, etc. Since they are all vegetable waxes, they have no adverse effects on the human body, and the price is relatively affordable. Beeswax is the residual oil from refining honeycomb. It is more expensive and less used in the market. The composition of candles is related to the safety and health of consumers, as well as the reputation of businesses. Therefore, if you want to engage in the wholesale candle business for a long time, you must choose safe ingredients such as healthy and environmentally friendly soybean wax.

The second is the wax core. Many consumers will take it for granted that the wax core is made of cotton rope, but it is not. At present, the wax wick in the mainstream market is made of cotton rope. This kind of scented candle with wax wick is easier to ignite. The disadvantage is that there will be a puff of smoke when it is extinguished, and carbon dioxide will be released. There are also candles with wood cores, which will make a crackling sound when burning. If the wood is not good, there may be a peculiar smell, and black broken wood will fall off after a long time of burning. Some high-end aromatherapy will use selected carbon-free and lead-free wicks, which will not produce harmful gases when burning, and there will be no thick smoke when extinguished. The burning time of the wick is longer, making the wax around the wick burn faster full. Consumers can understand through the text description of candle merchants.

Fragrance, although it is difficult for consumers to feel the scent of scented candles intuitively, but if you often buy scented candles, you can also choose a satisfactory candle temperature according to the text description of the wholesale scented candle business. High-end scented candles, the price of spices and modulation methods are more expensive.

Finally, consumers can choose stores with high praise rate to buy according to the comprehensive evaluation of stores. As long as the scented candles sold by merchants with high ratings are safe and environmentally friendly, they will be guaranteed.

We are a professional manufacturer of scented candles. With the development of the Internet economy, the demand for online wholesale business of unlabeled scented candles is also increasing. We have sufficient candle raw material inventory and can ship quickly. If you have this consideration, please contact our sales staff.


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