Bestselling cookies luxury scented candles Buying Canada

Bestselling cookies luxury scented candles Buying Canada
Bestselling cookies luxury scented candles Buying Canada
Bestselling cookies luxury scented candles Buying Canada
Bestselling cookies luxury scented candles Buying Canada
Bestselling cookies luxury scented candles Buying Canada
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Butter Cookie Shaped Scented Candle in Round Tin Box, 6pcs, Sweet Butter Scent, Funny Soy Wax Candles for Home Decoration, Gift Candle Set for Women, Friends, Mom, Sisters, Coworkers

Are you searching for the perfect fusion of exquisite fragrances and luxurious aesthetics in Canada? Look no further than our Bestselling Cookies Luxury Scented Candles, tailored to delight your senses and transform any environment. As a prominent producer and wholesaler, we're thrilled to offer these enchanting candles that encapsulate both opulence and indulgence.


  • This gift candle set includes six different cookie shaped candle, looks like real mom’s cookies and smells like real butter cookies.

  • 【 Material】85% soy wax, 10% bee wax, 5% essential oil.

  •  【Sweet Butter Fragrance】This cookie candle releases a very fresh smell that makes for a perfectly relaxing atmosphere.

  • 【Tin size】Six cookie candles are packed in one lovely rabbit pattern tin, tin size is D13.5cm*H7cm.

  • 【Perfect Gifts】 This scented candle is a great funny gift for mom, sisters, friends and coworkers. They are appropriate for any holiday or special event, such as birthday, Christmas, Mother's Day.


  • Hand Made with 100% Natural Soy Wax. The wick is made of Lead free cotton. This aromatherapy candle can be used for insomnia, meditation, aromatherapy, etc.

  • Fragrance is similar Coffee&Chocolate Scent, Candle size is 7*8*7cm.

  • Perfect Gifts. Great unique gift Idea for any occasions! These aromatherapy candles make a great gift for a friend, loved one, birthday gifts, christmas gift, house decor gifts, perfect christian gifts, best friend gifts, candle lovers gifts and an even better treat for yourself for all occasions.

  • They look good enough to eat, but please do not consume!


Our cookies and candles are the perfect gift for birthday parties, holidays, or when you wish to prank your friends. At the same time, our products smell fragrant, is your home life must be good things.

Whether you're indulging in the joy of giving, basking in the cozy atmosphere our products create, or experiencing the thrill of a lighthearted prank, our cookies and candles promise to be your companions in crafting experiences that resonate with heartwarming memories. With each bite and every flicker of candlelight, you're embracing the richness of life's simple pleasures, filling your days with warmth, laughter, and aromatic allure.

Discover the art of sensory indulgence and elegance with our Bestselling Cookies Luxury Scented Candles in Canada. Contact us today to explore our wholesale opportunities, and let us embark on a journey of captivating fragrances, exquisite designs, and unwavering quality together. Illuminate your space with the essence of cookies and experience the enchantment firsthand.

  • FAQ

Q1: What are Cookies Luxury Scented Candles?

A1: Cookies Luxury Scented Candles are our best selling exquisite candles that combine the delightful scents of cookies with luxurious design. They are carefully crafted to offer a unique sensory experience that elevates the ambiance of any space.

Q2: What scents are available for the Cookies Luxury Scented Candles?

A2: Our Cookies Luxury Scented Candles come in a variety of enticing scents inspired by classic cookies, such as chocolate chip, vanilla sugar, and more. Each scent is designed to evoke a sense of comfort and nostalgia.

Q3: Are these candles suitable for special occasions?

A3: Absolutely! Bestselling Cookies Luxury Scented Candles make fantastic gifts for birthdays, holidays, and other special events. They add a touch of elegance and charm to celebrations, creating a memorable and fragrant atmosphere.

Q4: Can I purchase these candles in Canada?

A4: We accept orders from Canada. 

Q5: Are these candles eco-friendly?

A5: We are committed to sustainability and prioritize environmentally friendly practices. Our candles are crafted using high-quality materials that prioritize both sensory enjoyment and eco-consciousness.

Q6: How long do these candles burn for?

A6: Burn times may vary depending on the size and composition of the candles. Generally, our Cookies Luxury Scented Candles offer several hours of burn time, ensuring that you can enjoy their delightful fragrances for extended periods.

Q7: Can I purchase these candles in bulk for resale?

A7: Absolutely! We offer wholesale opportunities for retailers interested in carrying our Bestselling Cookies Luxury Scented Candles. Please reach out to us for more information on bulk purchases and wholesale pricing.

Q8: Where can I find more information about purchasing these candles in Canada?

A8: For more information about purchasing Bestselling Cookies Luxury Scented Candles in Canada, including pricing, wholesale options, and availability, please visit our official website or contact our customer support team. We're here to assist you in bringing the allure of our candles to your space.

Q9: Are these candles safe to use at home?

A9: Yes, when used according to the provided instructions, our candles are safe for use at home. Always ensure that candles are placed on heat-resistant surfaces, away from flammable materials, and never leave them unattended while lit. Your safety is our priority.

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