Home fragrance best private label scented candle companies South Korea

Home fragrance best private label scented candle companies South Korea
Home fragrance best private label scented candle companies South Korea
Home fragrance best private label scented candle companies South Korea
Home fragrance best private label scented candle companies South Korea
Home fragrance best private label scented candle companies South Korea
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Home fragrance can not only emit scent, but also be a great decoration. Therefore scented candles, perfume and other home fragrance are designed more and more fashion. With the market expands, more merchants want to print their private label in products, CAIFEDE is very happy to do that for you. Qingdao CAIFEDE Art & Crafts Co., Ltd that established in 2013 is very professional in all kinds of home fragrance. If you need any candles, reed diffuser, air freshener or other home fragrance, pls let me know. And if you need design team to design for your brand, CAIFEDE has professional design waiting for you.

Creating an ambiance that engages the senses and makes your house feel like a home is essential. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is through the use of scented candles. They have the unique ability to transform your space, offering comfort and relaxation in every flicker of the flame and waft of fragrance. If you're in South Korea and looking for the best private label scented candle company to provide you with exquisite home fragrances, look no further than CAIFEDE. With a reputation for crafting top-quality candles, CAIFEDE is your ideal partner for elevating your home fragrance experience.

100% natural wax for private label scented candle

Wax in these candles usually is soy wax or bee wax. The advantages of this natural wax are obvious. First of all, it has no black soot. Then its burning time is longer than paraffin wax. Most important, 100%  natural wax is environmental without harmful gas emitted when burning. If you want to use other wax, pls let us know.

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Dry flowers in private label home fragrance

To make the scented candles beautiful, not only can the wax be colorful, but some decorations can be added, such as dry flowers, dry leaves, dry fruit and shells. Types of decorations can be customized and CAIFEDE can try our best to make the candle look charming. Conjuring up images of having a date with this beautiful scented candle, the atmosphere must be very good.

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Scent for private label scented candles

Scent is various for scented candles. CAIFEDE has enough experience to deploy any scent you expect, whether classical scent or unique scent. In general, the scent match the dry flowers in scented candles for this styles. It is a good gift to send this charming scented candle to your friend or girlfriend.

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Any details can be customized for private label scented candles 

All details of scented candles can be customized. And some logo for private label can be presented in any place of this candle, such as in tag, in packaging box etc. Usually merchants like use thick glossy box with some printing. Delicate packaging makes the scented candle look luxury at first sight.

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A Commitment to Quality

CAIFEDE has garnered a well-deserved reputation as a private label scented candle manufacturer that prioritizes quality above all else. Each candle they produce is crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail. The result is a range of exquisite candles that burn cleanly, evenly, and release their fragrances in a consistent and long-lasting manner.

Exquisite Scents from Around the World

What sets CAIFEDE apart is its commitment to creating a wide range of unique and captivating fragrances. Their expert perfumers meticulously design each scent, drawing inspiration from both classic and contemporary sources. Whether you seek a candle that transports you to a tranquil garden, a cozy cabin, or a tropical paradise, CAIFEDE has the perfect fragrance to match your vision.

Customization for Your Brand

Private labeling is one of CAIFEDE's specialties, and it's a service that sets them apart as the best choice for your home fragrance needs. They understand the importance of personalization, allowing you to brand your candles with your own labels and packaging. This means that you can have your signature scented candles that reflect your brand's identity and values, creating a unique and exclusive product for your customers in South Korea.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

In an era where environmental consciousness is paramount, CAIFEDE is dedicated to sustainable and eco-friendly practices. They use soy wax and natural cotton wicks, ensuring their candles are biodegradable and free from harmful toxins. This commitment to the environment means you can enjoy your scented candles guilt-free.

Personalized Customer Service

CAIFEDE understands the importance of excellent customer service. They're responsive, dedicated, and always ready to assist you with your inquiries and orders. They'll work closely with you to understand your unique needs and provide the best solutions for your home fragrance business in South Korea.

Global Reach

Although CAIFEDE is based in China, they serve customers worldwide, making them the perfect partner for your home fragrance business in South Korea. With a global reach and a commitment to quality and customization, CAIFEDE can meet your home fragrance needs with ease and efficiency.


For South Korean entrepreneurs looking to create a unique and memorable home fragrance experience for their customers, CAIFEDE is the best private label scented candle company to partner with. With their dedication to quality, exquisite scents, customization options, eco-friendly practices, and global reach, CAIFEDE is the ideal choice to elevate your home fragrance offerings and set your brand apart in the South Korean market. Let CAIFEDE transform your vision into reality with the power of scent and light.


1. What is CAIFEDE, and why is it considered the best private label scented candle company for South Korea?

CAIFEDE is a renowned private label scented candle manufacturer known for its commitment to quality, a wide range of captivating fragrances, customization options, eco-friendly practices, and a global reach. It's considered the best choice for those seeking to elevate their home fragrance offerings in South Korea.

2. What makes CAIFEDE's scented candles stand out from the rest?

CAIFEDE's scented candles are known for their clean and even burn, as well as their long-lasting and consistent fragrance release. Their expert perfumers craft unique scents inspired by various sources, offering an exquisite selection of fragrances.

3. Can I brand CAIFEDE's scented candles with my own label and packaging for my home fragrance business in South Korea?

Yes, CAIFEDE offers private labeling services, allowing you to customize scented candles with your branding, labels, and packaging. This enables you to create a unique and exclusive product for your South Korean customers.

4. Are CAIFEDE's scented candles eco-friendly and sustainable?

Yes, CAIFEDE is committed to sustainability. Their candles are made with soy wax and natural cotton wicks, ensuring they are biodegradable and free from harmful toxins. You can enjoy their scented candles guilt-free.

5. How can I place an order for CAIFEDE's scented candles in South Korea?

To place an order or inquire about CAIFEDE's products, you can contact their customer service. They are responsive and dedicated to assisting you with your inquiries and orders.

6. Does CAIFEDE offer a wide variety of scents for their candles?

Yes, CAIFEDE offers a wide range of scents, from classic to contemporary, inspired by diverse sources. Whether you prefer scents that evoke gardens, cabins, or tropical paradises, CAIFEDE has a fragrance to match your vision.

7. Is CAIFEDE's reach limited to China, or can they serve customers in South Korea?

CAIFEDE serves customers worldwide, making it an ideal partner for your home fragrance business in South Korea. Their global reach ensures that you can access their quality products and services regardless of your location.

8. Can I request a sample before making a bulk order with CAIFEDE?

Yes, CAIFEDE offers sample requests, allowing you to evaluate the quality and scents of their scented candles before making a bulk order.

9. Do CAIFEDE's scented candles use natural ingredients for fragrances?

CAIFEDE's commitment to quality includes using natural and high-quality ingredients for their fragrances, ensuring a delightful and authentic scent experience.

10. What is the minimum order quantity for private labeling with CAIFEDE?

The minimum order quantity for private labeling may vary depending on your specific requirements. You can contact CAIFEDE's customer service for details and to discuss your needs.

These FAQs provide valuable information about CAIFEDE, the best private label scented candle company for home fragrance, and address common questions that potential customers in South Korea may have. If you have further inquiries or specific requests, feel free to reach out to CAIFEDE's customer service team for assistance.


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Name: Nikita        time:2022-01-21 13:35:56
Beautiful!!! Sweety!!! I Love this candle!!!!!!

Name: Kate         time:2022-01-17 13:29:33
Candles were pretty good,The quality are amazing and shipped fast!! They feel and look so beautiful.

Name: Kathleen S.        time:2021-11-03 12:10:04
This new scent candle is terrific — great throw, I can smell it immediately. This is my favorite!

Name: Sia        time:2021-11-02 08:49:12
Wonderful scented candle worth the price!

Name: Jeffer McCall        time:2021-11-01 16:25:51
Caifede never disappoints. This scent is calming and helps to relax/sleep. Also BEAUTIFUL. Thanks for a great product.

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